Waterloo Road Realm

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Taken From Waterloo Road (TV Series)
New Characters Sam, Vicky, Ronan, Lauren, Josh, Finn, Trudy, Tariq, Miss Mason, Donte, Mr. Clarkson
Preceding Realm Mushroom House
Following Realm Las Vegas Realm

The Waterloo Road Realm is a location in the RP. After, the Mushroom House, on Iona's Home Planet snatched AJ and Bob, the path of light led them to a portal. This led them into Waterloo Road Comprehensive School where they meet a host of new characters.

Events in this RealmEdit

  • Mr. Clarkson's Lesson - The group had an English lesson with Mr. Clarkson about Animal Farm. An argument kicked off.
  • 'Tariq - In retaliation, AJ threw the bin at Tariq, which led to a chase down the corridors. AJ and Bob lost Tariq when they arrived at the canteen and hid behind the casserole pot.
  • The Canteen & Napoleon - During the time in the canteen, Napoleon appears with Marie. Napoleon had demands, but Marie escaped and Napoleon got trampled on by a stampede of school children. After this, the characters went to the cooler.
  • Miss Mason - Marie had a run in with Miss Mason, the headteacher, after she found Marie wandering round school not wearing uniform and she got angry. Marie got sent to the cooler.
  • The Cooler - In the cooler, AJ and Bob are reunited with Vicky and Sam. AJ opens a packet of marshmallows and portal appears, they go through it with Sam which leads them to Las Vegas. Marie, then went through the portal and joint the rest.

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