Character Info Edit

Controlled By Shared Control
Role Mansion Resident
Friends possibly Iona, AJ, Reddy, Cleaner Lady
Enemies Napoleon
Enjoys Dead flowers
Hates Bright colours

Violet Nightshade, better known as Violet appears in the Do-Whatever-You-Want RP.

She makes her first appearance at the very beginning of the RP, in the TV Show Realm, when the Announcer wants a sample of her hair. She instantly refuses. Zain claims to have eaten her, but that is not true.

She appears again in Raphael's sledgehammer company building along with Summer.

Much later, she appears in the RP at the Boudreaux Mansion being threatened by Napoleon, so she calls on Inspector Vergier, much to Phantom R's delight. She has (supposedly) disappeared after her and Vergier were crowded round by the Undead Soldiers.