Total Drama Realm

Location Info Info Edit

Taken From Total Drama (TV Series)
New Characters Izzy, Chef Hatchet, Chris McLean, Gwen, Owen, LeShawna, Katie, Sadie, Harold, Duncan, Courtney
Preceding Realm Las Vegas Realm
Following Realm Spongebob Realm

The Total Drama Realm is a location in the RP. The stolen car (with characters inside) from Las Vegas Realm crashed into a river and led them out to sea. They arrived on the Dock Of Shame and from there they meet a bunch of new characters.

Events in this RealmEdit

  • Bridge Above Shark Infested Waters - After accepting jobs as interns for the show, there first task was to test out an old ricketty bridge which lay above shark infested waters. Fortunately, they made across safely and met several of the contestants on the other side.
  • Bombs, Phantom R and Izzy - Adelaide asked Chris if he had any bombs, so she could destroy Phantom R. Chris agreed and Adelaide went to get Phantom R. However, to Izzy's disappointment, she ran after Adelaide screaming for her to stop as she wanted to meet Phantom R
  • Chef Hatchet - Chef got furious with several characters, and when they ran for the boat, he gained a "Mr. T" personality.
  • We're Sinking! - The boat, which they hijacked takes themout to sea, but sinks. After several minutes of panic, the group realise that they're able to breathe underwater. They then arrive in Bikini Bottom.

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