Scien Robotics

Character Info Edit

Controlled By JoleaThePrankster
Role Local Scientist/Legal Adult
Friends Jolea,Tamago,and Renisa
Enemies Unknown
Enjoys Science,lasers,Robots,Tamago's jokes
Hates Renisa being a moron,weird animals,work
 Scien is a local scientist whom is a Humanoid Cyborg whom had to babysit Jolea as a teenager

Scien's Appearance


One Day she had to go to the Lab but had to take Jolea with her and the explosion injured her and her father replace her legs and arms with Human-like robotic arms and legs but later that day Dr.Robotics did suicide but then a year later she found Tamago

Personality Edit

Scien's personality is boring,wise yet fun at times though she is emotionless the day her father died but they came back the day she found Tamago