Character Info Edit

Controlled By Googleybear
Role Student
Friends AJ, Iona, Zain, Cleaner Lady, Phantom R
Enemies Napoleon
Enjoys Puzzles, reading and nature
Hates Chavs and people who chew gum really loud
Reddy (full name, Reddy Nigel Redman) is a character in the Do-Whatever-You-Want RP. He is a intellectual teenager who enjoys completing puzzles, reading up on things and the wonders of nature and wildlife.

He first appeared in the Bouncing Ball Realm with AJ holding his Casio calculator.

Relationships with Other CharactersEdit


Reddy has been a good friend of AJ's for a long time. Reddy's personality completely differs from AJ, but this doesn't stop them being best friends. He sometime gets angry with him.


Iona and Reddy's friendship didn't get off to a good start when he called Inspector Vergier when she took his map. However, they since have become better friends.


Reddy enjoys Zain's company in the group and is friend/acquaintance of him.

Cleaner LadyEdit

Reddy likes it when she calls him "Sweetie" or "Hun". He also thinks she is funny when she approaches the bad guys.

Phantom REdit

He thinks Phantom R is cool and admires his courage when trying to save the group.


Reddy absolutely hates Napoleon especially when he gets his army on him at the Boudreaux Mansion.