Raphael's Sledgehammer Company, Lolpi

Location Info Info Edit

Taken From Possibly MySims
New Characters Raphael, Cleaner Lady, Summer, Yuki, Gold, Evil Voice, Weird French Dude
Preceding Realm TV Show Realm
Following Realm Mario World

Raphael's Sledgehammer Company, actually called Lolpi, is a location in the RP. It is at the very beginning and this is the realm in which Potter and Raphael go missing and the real action starts.

Events in this RealmEdit

  • The Mill - In order to get rid of Iona, Raphael tells Potter to take her to a mill across the road. This "mill" appears to keep Iona quiet, but in the end they don't go there.
  • Raphael and Potter's disappearance - This is the realm where Raphael and Potter's disappearances take place. It starts where Iona makes waffles, and Raphael eats them when Iona isn't looking. Potter then disappears too, and they come towards a portal to Mario World.