Raphael BannedStory

Character Info Edit

Controlled By Iona123
Role MySim
Friends Svetlana, Dragomir, Rose
Enemies Katherine
Enjoys Running a sledgehammer company, puppies and the colour blue
Hates Katherine

Raphael appears in the Do-Whatever-You-Want RP. He is a MySims character.

He is first seen running a sledgehammer company after being fired from his job by Dragomir. He, then, disappears eating Iona's waffles along with Potter.

Later on in the RP, he meets Katherine, and heavily despises her. In revenge for this, Katherine freezes him.

He appears to get grumpier and grumpier as the RP goes on.

After he and Potter re-unite with the rest of the group, they all come across a room full of portals. He seizes his chance to go home, and runs in the one for MySims world. He isn't seen again after that, but there is a possiblity he might come back later.