Potter (BS)

Character Info Edit

Controlled By Potterfan1997
Role Student "on an adventure"
Friends Iona, Raphael, Katherine, Zain, Cleaner Lady, Phantom R, Professor Layton, Luke, Reddy, AJ, Old Lady
Enemies None
Enjoys Music, Sleeping & Eating
Hates Anything that doesn't like him, Black & Yellow (Song)

Potter is a character in the Do-Whatever-You-Want RP. He is an unusual character who can sometimes have crazy moments. He tries to be helpful in a situation however, he can sometimes make it worse. His worst fear is sitting in a room, whilst listening to Black & Yellow. He started off with Iona & Raphael but disappeared randomly, along with Raphael at the start with sent Iona on a quest to find them.

He first appeared at the beginning of the RP.

Relationships with Other CharactersEdit


Iona is a girl who Potter met at the beginning of the RP. Potter got friendly with her and the others in the starting group, but then he mysteriously vanished alongside Raphael. He managed to find a way back to the main group, but was unaware that Iona was looking for him. He thinks she's a nice, pleasant girl and is a good friend to have. Under Construction