Plants vs Zombies Realm

Location Info Info Edit

Taken From Plants vs Zombies
New Characters Zombies, Crazy Dave
Preceding Realm Temple Run Realm
Following Realm Boudreaux Mansion

The Plants' vs Zombies' Realm is a location in the RP. The group end up here after the Temple Run Realm and find themselves in trouble when the zombies begin to attack. They go up on the roof for safety and meet Crazy Dave.

Events in this RealmEdit

  • Crazy Dave - Crazy Dave shows up on the roof causing many people to get annoyed with him. He gets pushed off the roof.
  • Zipwire - Everybody gets on a zipwire because the player lost the game and the Zombies start to approach. It's a risky ride and when they meet a fray in the rope, the group land at the Boudreaux Mansion.