Phantom R
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Character Info Edit

Controlled By Iona123
Role Rhythm Thief
Friends Iona, Marie, Fondue, Reddy, possibly AJ, possibly Zain, Cleaner Lady, Potter
Enemies Inspector Vergier, Napoleon, Adélaïde and possibly Phantom B
Enjoys Anything to do with Rhythm
Hates Anything happening to his friends

Phantom R is a character in the Do-Whatever-You-Want RP. He is from Rhythm Thief & The Emperor's Treasure.

He is a thief and a hero. He is first seen in the RP stealing the Mona Lisa.

Relationships with Other CharactersEdit


Phantom R thinks Iona is a very funny, but lazy and annoying, person. He finds the fact that he had to carry her the entire time in the Temple Run Realm frustrating, but her randomness overrides that. Overall, Iona and Phantom R get along well.




Fondue is Phantom R's dog. They are best friends.

Inspector VergierEdit

Phantom R despises Vergier and vice-versa. Vergier sends the Paris Skateboard Brigade after Phantom R in Paris, but they fail to catch him due to his roof jumping skills.


Phantom R finds Napoleon, like everyone else, annoying!


Phantom R and Reddy don't talk much, but Phantom R claims Reddy as a friend. He was grateful when Reddy told him to hide in a house with an unlimited supply of ice cream and wotsits on Iona's Home Planet.


Phantom R and Jocasta stayed neutral, they didn't talk much. However, Jocasta did try to take some of Phantom R's stolen paintings, and Phantom R had to pickpocket her to get them back!


Adelaide is Phantom R's rival. Adelaide disguised herself as an Old Lady, and tried to get Phantom R arrested so she could re-claim her title of being the Most-Wanted Criminal in France. But Adelaide hasn't quite succeeded yet.

Phantom BEdit

Phantom R doesn't seem to know Phantom B, however he seems to want to kill Phantom R and at first underestimates him and shoots PEZ candy at him, and then committing to "last resorts" and throwing Junior Mints.