Paris Realm

Location Info Info Edit

Taken From Rhythm Thief & The Emperor's Treasure
New Characters Phantom R, Inspector Vergier, Napoleon, Marie, Fondue, Old Lady, Shop Man
Preceding Realm Bouncing Ball Realm
Following Realm Temple Run Realm

The Paris Realm is a location in the RP. It is from the game, Rhythm Thief & The Emperor's Treasure.

Events in this RealmEdit

  • Legendary Piece of Paper: Napoleon appears demanding everybody gives him the Legendary Piece of Paper, a piece of paper with the power to "help him reign again". It results in him cutting AJ's neck with his sword. The Cleaner Lady scares him, Reddy trips him up and Iona ends up with the piece of paper.
  • Reddy's Map: When the group first arrive, Reddy buys a map from Shop Man. Both him and AJ (somehow) manage to annoy Phantom R a lot, so he steals the map from Reddy. Iona, hoping to calm the situation, walks off with the map saying nobody can have it. Reddy calls on Inspector Vergier to arrest Iona, in which he surrounds her with the French Military. The Cleaner Lady then steps in and bails Iona out. Reddy, however, never gets his map back. Vergier still has it!