Character Info Edit

Controlled By Shared Control, generally Iona123
Role Minor Character, friend of Phantom R
Friends Phantom R, Fondue, Iona
Enemies Napoleon
Enjoys Playing her violin
Hates Napoleon

Marie is a very minor character in the Do-Whatever-You-Want RP. She is from Rhythm Thief & The Emperor's Treasure. She makes her first appearance in the Paris Realm, when being chased once again by Napoleon, because he knew she would lead him to Phantom R, whom is with the group who have the Legendary Piece of Paper. She hides behind Phantom R whilst the group try to get back the paper.

After this, Marie wishes to join the group, but Phantom R tells her it would be better if she stayed in Paris.

Marie later returns in the Waterloo Road Realm. She has been kidnapped by Napoleon, but escapes, and is forced by Miss Mason to attend the school. She then goes to Las Vegas Realm with AJ, Bob, Adelaide, and Katherine.

Relationships with Other CharactersEdit