Jolea's Appearance

Jolea is a character whom randomly pops out of mid-air to scare or help people (Usually both)

Character Info Edit

Controlled By JoleaThePrankster
Role Half Ghost Half Human Girl
Friends Scien and Tamago
Enemies Renisa
Enjoys Scaring people,helping,music,lemonade,and sweets
Hates Too much noise,cherries,strawberries,and headaches


Jolea got into a freak accident that turned her half ghost and she can turn into a ghost at free will,but sometimes her ghost powers act up at random times a makes her body parts invisable,and the only people who knows about it is her closest friends and enemies (Renisa,Tammy,and Scien).


She has a fun,carefree,and wise person as a outter character and the inner character is annoying,more fun and random yet wise.