Cleaner Lady
Cleaner Lady2

Character Info Edit

Controlled By Potterfan1997
Role Cleaner
Friends AJ, Iona, Reddy, Violet, Hotel Manager, Crazy Dave (partially), Potter, Phantom R
Enemies Napoleon, Old Lady (partially), Jocasta, Cynthia,
Enjoys Cleaning, Hair, Make-Up & Fashion
Hates Dirt, Bad Make-up, Hair & Fashion

Cleaner Lady (also known as CL, full name, currently unknown) is in the Do-Whatever-You-Want RP. She is a cleaner who offers to help Iona find her friends, however, she then gets caught up in the main plot of the RP. She has a huge attitude and it's a bad decision to get on the wrong side of her however, she's is really nice and caring to those who are on her "good side".

She first appeared in Raphael's Sledgehammer Company.

Relationships with Other CharactersEdit

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