Bob Name

Character Info Edit

Controlled By Potterfan1997
Role Talking Lizard
Friends AJ, Iona, Cleaner Lady, Potter, Reddy, Phantom R, possibly Old Lady, Sambuca Kelly
Enemies Cynthia, Tariq Siddiqui
Enjoys Eating, Talking, Dancing, Flies, Poker
Hates Loud People, Shouting

Bob the Lizard appears in The Do-Whatever-You-Want RP. He first appeared in the swamp at the Boudreaux Mansion. He has an unusual power where he cannot leave somebody's head/shoulder for over a few minutes, as if he does, he disappears and then reappears on them. This is out of his control and it does annoy him sometimes. He has been on Iona and Reddy's shoulder/head, and is currently on AJ's where he seems to be aiming to stay.

Relations with other CharactersEdit


AJ is Bob's best-friend and also the person who Bob currently resides on. They both have similar personalities and get along really well, despite them looking completely different. More coming soon