Beginning Realm

Location Info Info Edit

Taken From N/A
New Characters Iona, Potter, RP Police Officer #1, RP Police Officer #2, Grammar Nazi Officer, Zain
Preceding Realm N/A
Following Realm TV Show Realm

The Beginning Realm is a location in the RP. This is where the RP started and then the RP moved onto the TV Show Realm.

Events in this RealmEdit

  • Potter - Potter started off by freezing everything, in which Iona un-froze it. He does a lot of "sitting on the ground" and sleeping.
  • Iona - un-froze everything and went to go to McDonalds, stating that this "IS the Do-whatever-you-want RP anyway". She was then arrested by RP Police Officer #1 for breaking the 4th wall rule. Iona tries to escape, then asks to be taken to jail because they serve Chinese food there. Iona then skips around saying "Yay" repeatedly, and Officer #1 claims that he's "never seen anybody so happy to go to jail......". Iona then pretends to die and Officer #1 "loses his chocolate bar".
  • RP Officers - Officer #1 steals a random shopping trolley, dumps Iona in it, and is about to rush her to the hospital when RP Police Officer #2 tells them to stop. He then fires Officer #1 for stealing the shopping trolley.
  • Zain - then appears and says "ME IS A PARTY PERSON! TEH PARTEH WAS AWESOME!" which then gets him two tickets from the Grammar Nazi Officer.
  • Teleportation - Iona, Zain and Potter teleported to the TV Show Realm.