Adélaïde (Dasher de Diamant)

Character Info Edit

Controlled By Mayor Zain
Role Jewel Thief
Friends possibly Zain, Katherine (in the past)
Enemies Iona, Phantom R, Cleaner Lady, AJ, Reddy
Enjoys Stealing precious objects, disguising as different people
Hates Being caught by police or detectives.

Adélaïde (Old Lady when introduced) is one of the top-ranked-most-wanted thieves in France. She has a strong rivalry with Phantom R as he is more wanted than her. Adélaïde loves to steal while in disguise, as proven when she took disguise as an Old lady. She was finally caught in Bob's challenge when the OL was "borrowing" gold. She can produce clones of herself. She was a criminal for over 20 years, 17 of them being Most-Wanted Criminal until Phantom R took the position.


Type of Disguise When it was Used When Adélaïde revealed herself
Old Lady When the crew reached the Paris Realm During Bob's Challenge
Teenager At the school with Bob and AJ After escaping the school

Relationships with Other CharactersEdit

Phantom REdit

Adélaïde and Phantom R aren't on good levels with each other and are rivals in crime. She only detests Phantom R because he stole Adélaïde's position and most-wanted criminal in Paris. She wants PR to be arrested as soon as possible, but not as her own self- in a disguise. She then had an argument, and somehow "declared war" after they both signed a declaration form.


As OL, Iona and OL weren't on good terms. OL (Adélaïde) would always torture Iona and she threatened to report OL for Child Abuse. Although she helped the crew, she still hates everyone. Upon revealing her true self, Iona revealed to be a detective. Adélaïde tried her best to stay away from Iona, but finds it quite hard at the moment.








Old Lady: *starts reading a book known as "Top 10 French Criminals"* Interresant! *sees Phantom R* VOUS! *looks up at Phantom R across the room* Eet eez him who is ze criminal?! NUMBER UNE? He has to be arrested! He is a criminal! *continues reading* Ce criminel vole peintures et différents trésors de personnes. Il s'appelle Fantôme R! *puts the book away* Il est un criminel? I must report to somebody... but I should be nice person...

-Adelaide reading a book, particular the chapter about Phantom R


  • Adelaide's disguises are mostly to do with age difference.