Character Info Edit

Controlled By Googleybear
Role Student
Friends Reddy,Iona,Zain, Cleaner Lady, Bob the Lizard
Enemies Phantom R, Napoleon
Enjoys Music, videogames and TV
Hates Books

AJ (full name, AJ Carter) is in the Do-Whatever-You-Want RP. He is a typical teenage boy who enjoys videogames, music and TV. Also, he likes to be the one everyone admires.

He first appeared in the Bouncing Ball Realm with Reddy.

Relationships with Other CharactersEdit


Reddy has been a good friend of AJ's for a long time. He entered the RP with Reddy and their friendship has grown stronger. Although they share completely different interests and they get frustrated with eachother, AJ believes they have a "brother-like" friendship.


Iona is a relatively good friend of AJ. They first met in the Bouncing Ball Realm and hid inside a tree together whilst at the Boudreaux Mansion


Zain is a friend/acquaintance of AJ. Although, they don't talk much, he would like to get to know him better.

Cleaner LadyEdit

AJ thinks the way Cleaner Lady approaches situations is hilarious. He finds her amusing and thinks she's kind when she helps him out.

Phantom REdit

AJ secretly dislikes Phantom R because he always ends up being the hero, which makes him jealous. He, however, keeps his thoughts to hiself.


Like pretty much everyone, AJ thinks Napoleon is a complete lunatic. He often refers to him as "That nutter".

Bob the LizardEdit

AJ and Bob are good friends and speak often, due to the fact that Bob is always on AJ's shoulder. AJ enjoys Bob's company very much!


Throughout, the groups time in the Boudreaux Mansion Kitchen, AJ maintained a neutral view of Jocasta and offen defended her when Reddy got irritated by her ignorance. He also enjoyed Jocasta's chicken pie!